Become a Millionaire overnight: would you dare?

Congratulations you just won the jackpot of 50 million! Sit down and take a few deep breaths — your life may never be the same again. Who does not dream about winning the jackpot? You can quit your current job, pack your bags and travel to the most exotic places in the world. But what do you do with the money afterwards? And what does it mean to be a millionaire?


First things first

Many people have to learn to deal with the idea that they suddenly have a lot of money. They live in a daze during the first weeks. They are flooded with congratulations. Plans to spend money have not yet been made. Therefore some tips to spend your millions well.

First of all, tell the fewest people possible. Good news spread fast, and you may have news media coming to your door or people calling before you have a chance to place your claim or put your ticket in a safe place. In addition, there are always people who aces on your money. Know who your real friends are!

Understand the importance of managing your winnings. Income that can result from winning a lottery can be profoundly life changing, for better or for worse. In order to make your winnings work for you and sustain them over time, you will need to properly manage them.

Invest your winnings. Saving your winnings will protect them, however, they will likely be depleted over time. Investing your winnings can allow them to grow, earning your even more income on your initial investment. Wise investments can even provide a liveable income, allowing you to live off of your winnings permanently.


How to spend your money extra fast

But of course you can also spend everything by yourself to make you feel completely happy. Science just proved that money can buy you happiness. You can spend money and reap psychological benefits. So here are some ideas to spend your money extra fast!

  1. Buy a new luxury home. Any jackpot win would set you up for a big move. Or buy some international holiday homes. If you win on of the biggest jackpots you could purchase different holiday homes around the world.
  2. Buy new sports cars. New Ferraris range from around 170.000 to half a million so you could select a few different new cars to fill your driveway with.
  3. Travel the world. Quit your job, pack your bags and travel around the world. Snorkelling in Bali, enjoy the beaches of the Philippines, learn the tango in Argentina or do a safari in Africa. Put each country on your bucket list and go on a globe-trotting adventure. This everything whilst always staying in five-star accommodation.
  4. Or what about your own private island? For just 30 million you can have your own island located in the Bahamas. Who does not want a private island with several beaches, three villa´s and four boats?
  5. You’re not going to want to lift too many fingers for the rest of your life. So, hire one housekeeper, one driver, a personal chef, a butler, a personal trainer and a dog walking service. All you have to do is to command people while you are laying at the pool with a cocktail in your hand.
  6. And if you want to work on your karma, consider donating. If you are able and willing to, donating your money to a worthwhile cause can be a great way to put your winnings to work for the good of others. You can find a charitable organisation that you support or offer your winnings as funding for specific endeavours you would like to see realised.

Are you interested in such a life change? Do you also think that so much money makes you happy? And do you already see yourself at the swimming pool in one of your holiday homes at the Bahamas? That is all possible just by playing one of the international, highest jackpot lotteries like the EuroMillions!